Everything about Andorran mountain

Andorra offers you all the necessary for your sports training camp be the experience you are looking for. Here you will find first-class sports facilities, sports accommodation options with the best comfort and excellent tourism options in a mountainous environment with numerous benefits. What do Andorran mountains offer?

Andorran mountains

In Andorra, 65 peaks of various elevation are waiting for you, between 1.800 and 2.942 m. Its numerous rugged peaks and narrow valleys will welcome you, while you contemplate them from the remoteness, even before arriving.

Without a doubt, here you can reach best performance during your high-level training through green landscapes! Of course, during a large part of the year you will find snow covering their peaks, especially between December and April. The beauty of this small country is unique, since the white snow covers its mountain majestic landscapes, making of Andorra a very special place.


Train in altitude in Andorran mountains

Another highlight of Andorran mountain is that they allow you to have the altitude training you want. Thanks to the difference in altitude between the country’s lowest and highest peak, you can have a “living up, training down” training, living at a high elevation and training at a moderate elevation. This way, you can benefit from the increasement of red blood cells without the difficulty of training at a high elevation.
Remember to breathe deeply and reap the benefits of the pure mountain air and, above all, to relax and drink in the absolute calm of nature while you gaze at the beautiful landscapes of the mountains rising at your feet.


Your professional training in Andorran mountains

The benefits of Andorran mountains for your professional training are endless. Its environment and territory are ideal for the practice of various sports disciplines to complete your training like race cycling, MTB, trail run or trekking or, in winter, snow rackets or alpine skiing.

Andorra is ideal, not only for the high level of the sports facilities, where you will find everything you need for best performance training, but also for the quantity of outdoor activities you can practice to complete your training.

Do you now fully know that Andorra is the ideal destination for your sports training camp?

You can count on Andorra Sports Training Country and prepare yourself to live a great sports experience.