How to get to Andorra?

Andorra is the best option for an excellent sports training, not only thanks to its numerous sports facilities, full equipped to host elite teams, national teams and athletes during their sports training camps, or for its various sports accommodation options with the best comfort, or for the infinity of sports tourism options to enjoy. In addition, it is easy to reach this country. You still do not know how to get to Andorra? You can do it by car, bus, train or plane.

How to get to Andorra by car

Being a neighbouring country with France and Spain, get to Andorra by car is very easy. The highways linking both countries are national standard. But if you are coming during the snow season, do not forget the snow chains for the car.

Here are the distances to the main nearby cities in Spain:

  • Madrid: 613 km
  • Bilbao: 601 km
  • Valencia: 496 km
  • Zaragoza: 300 km
  • Girona: 271 km
  • Barcelona: 208 km
  • Tarragona: 198 km
  • Lleida: 141 km

And these are the distances to the main nearby cities in France:

  • Paris: 861 km
  • Bordeaux: 427 km
  • Toulouse: 163 km
  • Perpignan: 162 km
  • Foix: 100 km

How to get to Andorra by bus

Another option to get to this country is the public transport, like the bus. With the car, this is the most usual option. Bus connections from the main Catalan cities are located mainly in Barcelona, Vic, Tarragona, Lleida y Girona, while coming from France, you should take the bus in Toulouse or Hospitalet.

How to get to Andorra by train

In Andorra, there is no railway station, but you always can travel by train to the stations of the neighbouring countries and, from there, take a bus which takes you directly to the country. These are the closest railway stations to take a bus with direct connection to Andorra:

Sants Station (Barcelona)
Lleida Pirineus Station (Lleida)

Matabiau Station (Toulouse)
Andorra-Hospitalet Station (Hospitalet)

How to get to Andorra by plane

As with the train, there is no airport in Andorra. However, you can fly to France or Spain and, there, take a bus which will directly take you to Andorra. You can do it from the following airports:

El Prat (Barcelona)
Girona – Costa Brava (Girona)
Alguaire (Lleida)

Blagnac (Toulouse)

Do you now fully know that Andorra is the ideal destination for your sports training camp?

You can count on Andorra Sports Training Country and prepare yourself to live a great sports experience.