Gastronomy in Andorra

If, in addition of first-class sports facilities and excellent sports accommodation options, you are looking for a first-class gastronomy, you will find the most succulent dishes, elaborated in the best restaurants of Andorra. Eating right is clearly essential to maintain enough energy levels for your high-level trainings.

You still do not know where to eat in Andorra? You wonder how are the Andorran dishes and gastronomy?

Andorran gastronomy, mountain gastronomy

In this country, a wide range of possibilities is waiting for you, in terms of gastronomy: vegetarian, international, nouvelle cuisine… and, of course the traditional cuisine you can enjoy in a “borda” in the mountain. Here are 5 examples of traditional dishes you will find in Andorra’s restaurants, which will not leave you indifferent:

  • Escudella: a typical winter dish, from popular celebrations, consisting in a vegetable and pork broth.
  • Trinxat de montaña: a typical stew of Andorra and Pyrenes.
  • Andorran canellonni: if you like cannelloni, you will love this Andorran version with pork, lamb and chicken.
  • “A la llauna” snails: they generally are grilled and served accompanied by a garlic mayonnaise of quince.
  • Andorran trout: it is served accompanied by sautées almonds with ham.

What are the main local products in Andorra?

The delicious Andorran gastronomy is characterized by dished made with local products, from a so special mountainous natural environment:

  • High-quality meat: veal, beef, horse, kid, lamb… The stamps you need to find are “Indicación Geográfica Protegida (IGP)” (protected geographical indication) for veal meat and “Carn de qualitat controlada d’Andorra” for the other cases mentioned.
  • Sausages: the tradition is the key to offer you the best sausages. As well as the quality of the different ingredients. Do not leave Andorra without tasting our butifarras, bull or pork sausages.
  • Vegetables and beans: delight your palate with seasonal products, as well as delicious organic eggs and the best of the Andorran products.

Restaurants not to be missed in Andorra

If you are looking for a restaurant to enjoy the traditional Andorran food, in a unique space, which let you relax and take a closer look at the true mountain environment, you cannot miss the opportunity to taste the traditional food in a borda in the mountain.

These old rural houses, which were used for storing the grain and the animals in the past, will allow you to enjoy an unforgettable experience, in a welcoming and warm atmosphere, while you enjoy the best of the Andorran gastronomy.

Do you now fully know that Andorra is the ideal destination for your sports training camp?

You can count on Andorra Sports Training Country and prepare yourself to live a great sports experience.