Andorra: an ideal land for sports

In this small but incredible country, you will find an entire nation in the service of sport. The 468 km2 composing its land host everything you need for your sports training camp be a unique experience. Its standards of living, with excellent safety rates, ideal weather for hard training in spring and summer, its beautiful environment and the facility to take a break in nature, make of Andorra an extraordinary place. This is a country with an average altitude of 1.996 m and 90% of the land is forest, which means you can fully discover it, stress-free and comfortably, thanks to its small size.


Andorra offers you everything you need for your sports training camp be successful. In this country you will find first-class sports facilities, fully furnished sports hotels to offer you the best comfort and numerous tourism options you will love.
Why should you train in Andorra?

How to get to Andorra?

Thanks to its geographic location, close to large cities in France and Spain, you can arrive to Andorra: by car or bus. There are direct bus connections from the airports and train stations closest to Andorra.

How is the temperature in Andorra?

Andorra has a Mediterranean climate of high mountain, cold temperatures in winter and mild in summer. Around 300 days a year are sunny, so you can almost ensure perfect training days.

What to do in Andorra

Your ideal sports training camp might does not only include first-class sports facilities and a comfortable sport hotel. You are certainly also looking for a place which offers you sports tourism options, to fully enjoy your free time. But, what to do in Andorra during your sports training camp? This country has various leisure options which will not leave you indifferent.